ADVERTISE the Land Tax!

Above: PURE PHOTO-SHOP! These ads DO NOT EXIST… Yet!

The purpose of this organization/website is to MAKE THESE ADS A REALITY!

The only cure for society’s problems is land value taxation, which cannot happen unless enough people are *continuously* reminded (because the landlords get free money *constantly* and use it to keep society misguided).

Journalism has failed us. Education has failed us. Politicians have failed us. We remain slaves and our ecosystem is being wiped out for the temporary financial gain of a minority of people.

The conscience of humanity will remain trapped without economic freedom. Society is powerless to have a creative reality while a few own the land everyone else requires to live! Monarchy => society’s self-destruction.

Advertising the land tax will show voters and politicians how we can all live far better lives, with lower rents and home prices and every manner of public benefit, by ending the profitability of land speculation.

The largest store of wealth there has ever been is what supports the flow of money from you to the ultimate landlords. This includes most media (news), education (both public school and, obviously, universities) and most of the organizations built around the problems created by the basic problem, including government institutions.

Philosophies, religions, mindsets (political and cultural) and a lot of forms of entertainment and distraction are also built around a world of irrelevant battles between painted characters.

Repeated exposure to clear, inspiring facts and quotes regarding land value tax, especially among commuters and users of public transportation, will help society overcome our confused situation (being driven like cattle all our lives to pay for access to land).

Daily or, at least, weekly shots of clarity will pierce the veil, opening mass awareness of how we can free ourselves. Administration of The Land Tax Ad Fund (LTAF) is the main purpose of Tax Land Not Man. 90% of the LTAF (- taxes, fees) will pay for real world ad space.

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