History of the Secret War

Those who OWN THE LAND are obviously able to command all the wealth they want as long as they leave enough for the workers to have the strength to work and reproduce.

This is why our “owners” have to use an information system (news, education, church, entertainment, etc.) that *prevents* awareness on a wide enough scale to enact the land tax system.

If enough people knew about it at the same time, of course, they would not choose life-long struggle and an early death! Of course, they would choose to have equal access to land and freedom to the fruits of their labor.

As you will see, the history of the land tax movement is the true history of the civilized world. (History is not so boring after all!)

You may have heard the expression “all politics is local” or “location, location, location” or any number of other similar sayings leading to the basic fact that the right to live means the right to live *somewhere*.

Clearly, it is possible to live off the land without the help of any other human being, but that would preclude procreation. And even with a family, it is possible to live off the land without the help of anyone else. Land provides our basic necessities.

If others are NEARBY, this leads to cooperation since working together produces SO MUCH more than two working alone. When people are nomadic, location still plays an important role since the environment changes with the seasons and the availability of various types of food and lodging, but the trails are bound to be repeated at least to some degree.

With agriculture, however, location and the protection thereof and community cooperation DEMANDS civilization. HERE, ownership begins to occur.

On the early island civilizations of Java and Kamchatka, it was recorded that systems of land value taxation existed, apparently having arisen organically. It is easy to understand why. Being islands, the scarcity of land and the obvious degrees of desirability between land parcels made it clear that to demand exclusive rights to a parcel required compensation to the community in that degree.

Naturally, imperialism/colonialism changed all that since these nations then were “claimed” and became “owned” by the colonizers who simply decided who would pay what and who owned what according to their loyalty and allegiance.

The monarchies, aristocracies, kings and queens and land barons who established large empires using war and soldiers to acquire more and more territory are the historical figures we hear about the most. The system by which they held their power is almost exactly the same as what exists today, but we were taught otherwise.

Today, we are taught that what we have is similar, but that we accept it because of a flaw in human nature. The truth is the generation before us was taught something different. They were taught that the feudal system is nothing like what we have today.

Each generation is brought up to accept the status quo no matter what because our teachers have already invested all their time and energy and emotions and their whole lives into the popular mindset and the investments they were told would be safe. They need the new generation to go along with the program so they will be supported financially in their old age (that is what they think at least).







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