Land: Everyone’s Daily Source of Life

The science of economics was discovered when people noticed that land plays a big role in a national economy, but every other part of it was created by labor. So, land is the resource and labor (people) is the product. But this fact is ignored by schools, the press and politicians so that society will continue paying the elite for the privilege of living on “their” planet and sleeping on “their” Earth at night.

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Why Society Is Confused…

Society must be confused or else we would not be suffering financially under democracy, where WE choose the law.

About what is society confused? The science of political economy.

Why? So society (and our ecosystem) can be plundered by those in charge.

University economics is based on (and funded by) neo-classical economic theory. The classical economists said land and labor are the 2 basic factors of production and taxing land ownership, not labor, should be the source of public revenue.

Why? Because land is different from capital. Everyone needs it every day to live, like oxygen. So, we can’t have a meritocracy without equal access to land. We can only have a variation of feudalism.

But, landed interests fund academia and force “neo-classical” economic theory (which conflates land with capital) on us, which is why people think economics is complex, complicated, a matter of opinion, not a real science, etc. It doesn’t make sense, which IS THE INTENT, evidenced by the fact that it has continued this way for so long.

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The big lie, the hoax that keeps the public thinking we must give more and more power to the government despite its corruption is that capitalism is free enterprise, the alternative to communism / socialism.

But free enterprise, according to classical (scientific) economic theory, requires equal access to land, the basic source of life and wealth for every human being. Because it is impossible for people to be free where they don’t have an equal right to possess land.

Equal access to location (existence) is the basis of individual economic (biological) freedom. That is why authoritarians will make every promise imaginable except land ownership. Because they know when everyone has easy access to land (nature’s generosity, life, time), they will lose their need to be governed.

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Why does systemic poverty persist generation after generation? Why can’t this be solved?

Individuals and society at large will be treated like cattle by the establishment and drained of all our profit until the public becomes aware of the significance of land in an economy.

As long as the word. “land,” can be kept out of public discourse by the information industry, society will continue headed for economic (and therefore, political) disaster.

Enlightened souls need to share their understanding of the land issue AND the mainstream media issue, that we cannot rely on it regarding economics.

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If you think your political party represents “the good guys,” you are wrong.

Your political party represents the interests of donors, who want human beings to be inexpensive.

So, if you want people to be treated with the value we deserve, promote the land value tax system.

The idea of taxing land ownership instead of wealth production makes perfect sense to most people who think about it for a few minutes. But, we are taught that all taxes are the same.

Also, we are taught that the science of economics is complicated, mysterious and boring. But, that is too convenient for those in power. And isn’t it obvious that taxation should be for the use of resource, not the amount of wealth produced with it?

Cheap labor (poverty), we are told, is the fault of nature (or human nature), not government. But, it IS the fault of government and the information industry (news, schools and churches).

Deception, not scarcity, is the only reason for society’s financial oppression. So, we will easily repair the situation once enough people know how (despite mainstream media).

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Poverty is Not a Mystery!

Education, news and political parties are ALL funded by those charging society to live on land. #Socialism, #communism and #capitalism are all just different systems wherein the rich charge the poor for being alive. Freedom requires the single tax.

X @TaxLandNotMan
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Authoritarians will promise you everything you could ever ask for in return for giving up your equal right to live on the planet Earth.

Statists promise free everything and libertarians let you charge for everything. But why can none of them let us have our own homes? #SingleTax

X @TaxLandNotMan
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War, again will be the response of those who control “the news,” but don’t go along with it. They are just running from the single tax, from economic justice.

The #SingleTax, tax land only. That’s all anyone needs to hear in order to understand what we’re trying to do. It’s not complicated and it makes perfect sense to anyone who thinks about it. That’s why it’s never mentioned in history or even economics classes. It’s too logical.

X @TaxLandNotMan
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“We should hold a contest to charter up to 10 new cities and award them to the best proposals for development.” – Donald Trump


“Henry George City”

A Truly Georgist (Single Tax) City

By Adam Jon Monroe, Jr., Single Tax Advocate


This proposal is to tax all residents, both individuals and businesses*, only for how much land (location) they own, according to market value as assessed by elected assessors. Everything residents owe in taxation to any other taxing jurisdictions and/or for any other reasons will be calculated by the city’s Tax Realignment Committee (TRC) and paid by that body on behalf of all residents of HGC. But, all general public revenue will be collected from landlords.

{*fees, fines, tariffs or any other charges due by anyone to any other governmental jurisdiction will be their sole responsibility, not that of HGC or anyone of its residents.}

Basic city services most people require such as gas, water and electricity will be provided by the City Services Department (CSD), but billed to users (landlords) accordingly if in excess of average use or at rates set by the vote of residents.

Courts and emergency services will also be paid from the General Public Revenue Fund (GPRF) and administered by the CSD, but billed to users accordingly if in excess of average use or at rates set by the vote of residents.

Infrastructure will be secured by the CSD and purchased out of the GPRF but not necessarily from residents of HGC except where decided by the vote of individual residents.

Anyone or group, regardless of legal position, voted by a majority of residents to be attempting to abuse the system or sabotage the HGC experiment shall be exiled from HGC or jailed, if necessary.

Any discrepancies in accounting, funding or logistics deemed necessary for repair by a vote of residents will be addressed by the TRC.


[That’s what I have so far. Thoughts? – AJM]

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Nature is extremely generous. We should all be rich! The only reason we are not is that some OWN nature and the rest of us have to PAY to live here.

Obviously, this land speculation situation is also ravaging our / Earth’s ecosystem at an increasingly dangerous rate. Luckily, all this waste is completely unnecessary.

The correct relationship between nature and society (equality and freedom, respectively) is actually the entire purpose of government. With that in place, nature’s benevolence toward humanity and tendency toward beauty, creativity, harmony and generosity will flow freely throughout society just as it does in nature.

Throughout history as we know it, nature has been owned by a few. This makes everyone else slaves. That is why government has always been a failure, reverting to monarchy, a problem we can solve very easily by simply shifting taxation from labor to land ownership. (Tax resource, not productivity!)

Occasionally, someone or some group of people realizes this easy solution to land ownership centralization and makes it popular. But something always happens to delay the reform and people forget about it since the few who benefit from the unfair situation can keep it so easily (simply by delay).

The solution is easiest to describe as “the single tax on land”. Feel free to google that and see for yourself. What you’ll find is this: the physiocrats (in the 1700s) and Henry George (in the late 1800s) were the most effective advocates so far, spawning many other reforms, but not the primary one.

Nowadays, there are many people using the general concept to promote various aspects of the reform, but as you will notice, the basic idea, though simple, is the real solution. Everything else is just a distraction (to keep the value of land flowing into the hands of the modern monarchy and to keep us weak in order to maintain the current power structure and so we can be used however they like).

But, the debate has been over from the beginning: it is basic logic to tax for the use of resource rather than to tax according to the amount of wealth produced. Delay is the only thing the enemy of justice (and humanity’s future) requires to win.

Land value taxation is the fairest and most efficient form of government ever devised, even though it is also the simplest and oldest (besides monarchy). Now, you know what to vote for. Ask your politicians which of them are on our side!

It is important to remember that other reforms only result in higher land values, higher rents and home prices, more transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich… ONLY LAND TAX lowers the price of land and FREES SOCIETY so we can have the time and energy to change all the other things we need to fix! Every other reform effort, intentionally or not, is usually a distraction, a delay, a misappropriation, a step in the WRONG direction (however good it may SEEM temporarily).

The correct relationship between nature and society is the solution to all social problems. Nature doesn’t waste, so harmony between nature and society (equality to nature and freedom among society) will allow proper perspectives to prevail.

People will value things (and each other) they way we SHOULD after our government (tax system) does.

Imagine if society worked together as harmoniously, creatively, beautifully and productively as does nature and natural systems like trees and forests, like the ocean, the solar system, the human body or an inspiring piece of music.

Civilization as we know it is clearly lacking compared to nature. Some place the blame on individuals less intelligent or more selfish than they, but look at nature. The source of society’s ills is the deceptive, confused economic system. Even those who protect it do so out of fear. Only a few are actually so corrupt or unsympathetic as to intentionally want to maintain our economic system how it is and the way it is going.

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