Why the Single Tax Works

Why the Single Tax works is human activity will be tax-free and every individual will have equal access to land, our daily source of life (via sleep). So, there will be no poverty because rent will be low and wages will be high. People will have free time and extra money.

And we will have the correct relationship between nature and society – equality to nature and freedom among society, equal access to natural providence, but complete ownership of one’s own labor and its produce.

And taxing for the use of resource instead of the amount produced is obvious if efficiency (or fairness) is the goal. So, we should tax location ownership ONLY and nothing else. Free association is what can best cultivate social harmony.

And the only way to save the ecosystem is to turn off the treadmill that’s forcing people to produce 100x more wealth than anyone even has time to use. Investors won’t care as much about return once inflation is limited to the value of our time.

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Capitalism is Neo-Feudalism, Not Free Enterprise

That’s why the solution isn’t socialism. It’s the Single-Tax. It is ludicrous that most of society constantly struggles for money. We should be making the most of our lives.

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Human Evolution Requires a Fair Relationship between Nature and Society

People will be unable to treat each other the way nature intended until government does. As long as we’re treated like cattle, we can’t spend our lives and share our precious time on this Earth the way we actually should. Nature, land, is everyone’s daily source of life through sleep, so we deserve equal access to it or government is not working for the people, but for investors.

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What Is Georgism?

#Georgism is just the single tax, according to George. He merely explained in detail, what many have discovered, that land is different from the rest of an economy. Georgism is not a philosophy, just logic: everyone should get the same deal on land, our daily source of life.

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Land: Everyone’s Daily Source of Life

The science of economics was discovered when people noticed that land plays a big role in a national economy, but every other part of it was created by labor. So, land is the resource and labor (people) is the product. But this fact is ignored by schools, the press and politicians so that society will continue paying the elite for the privilege of living on “their” planet and sleeping on “their” Earth at night.

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Why Society Is Confused…

Society must be confused or else we would not be suffering financially under democracy, where WE choose the law.

About what is society confused? The science of political economy.

Why? So society (and our ecosystem) can be plundered by those in charge.

University economics is based on (and funded by) neo-classical economic theory. The classical economists said land and labor are the 2 basic factors of production and taxing land ownership, not labor, should be the source of public revenue.

Why? Because land is different from capital. Everyone needs it every day to live, like oxygen. So, we can’t have a meritocracy without equal access to land. We can only have a variation of feudalism.

But, landed interests fund academia and force “neo-classical” economic theory (which conflates land with capital) on us, which is why people think economics is complex, complicated, a matter of opinion, not a real science, etc. It doesn’t make sense, which IS THE INTENT, evidenced by the fact that it has continued this way for so long.

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The big lie, the hoax that keeps the public thinking we must give more and more power to the government despite its corruption is that capitalism is free enterprise, the alternative to communism / socialism.

But free enterprise, according to classical (scientific) economic theory, requires equal access to land, the basic source of life and wealth for every human being. Because it is impossible for people to be free where they don’t have an equal right to possess land.

Equal access to location (existence) is the basis of individual economic (biological) freedom. That is why authoritarians will make every promise imaginable except land ownership. Because they know when everyone has easy access to land (nature’s generosity, life, time), they will lose their need to be governed.

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Why does systemic poverty persist generation after generation? Why can’t this be solved?

Individuals and society at large will be treated like cattle by the establishment and drained of all our profit until the public becomes aware of the significance of land in an economy.

As long as the word. “land,” can be kept out of public discourse by the information industry, society will continue headed for economic (and therefore, political) disaster.

Enlightened souls need to share their understanding of the land issue AND the mainstream media issue, that we cannot rely on it regarding economics.

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If you think your political party represents “the good guys,” you are wrong.

Your political party represents the interests of donors, who want human beings to be inexpensive.

So, if you want people to be treated with the value we deserve, promote the land value tax system.

The idea of taxing land ownership instead of wealth production makes perfect sense to most people who think about it for a few minutes. But, we are taught that all taxes are the same.

Also, we are taught that the science of economics is complicated, mysterious and boring. But, that is too convenient for those in power. And isn’t it obvious that taxation should be for the use of resource, not the amount of wealth produced with it?

Cheap labor (poverty), we are told, is the fault of nature (or human nature), not government. But, it IS the fault of government and the information industry (news, schools and churches).

Deception, not scarcity, is the only reason for society’s financial oppression. So, we will easily repair the situation once enough people know how (despite mainstream media).

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Poverty is Not a Mystery!

Education, news and political parties are ALL funded by those charging society to live on land. #Socialism, #communism and #capitalism are all just different systems wherein the rich charge the poor for being alive. Freedom requires the single tax.

X @TaxLandNotMan
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