How We Can Actually Win

Clearly, the obvious ways for achieving the reform have failed. Revolutions, politics, democracy, journalism, the education system, not-for-profit organizations, etc., nothing has worked.

The reason is social brainwashing, by being so pervasive, and the antidote is repeated exposure to the truth. The antidote is the purpose of this program: TAX LAND NOT MAN. The intention is to raise money to advertise land value taxation, The Land Tax Ad Fund.

The social brainwashing is, of course, everywhere and affects us through every component of our lives, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The Physical: our time and energy are consumed by work/school, play, sleep and sustenance.

The Mental: the information we have is mostly day-to-day, but even the philosophies we have to cope with things, though often very enlightening, are usually, at best, humorous.

The Emotional and Spiritual: when we are young, desires such as for sex and friendship keep us interested in life so we expend our energy in cooperative ways to prevent disruptions of our normal personal development. Then, when we become inelastic (around age 30), we can only make the most of who we have become.

All of this works together to distract us from the fact that most of us are slaves to a few of us. In the past, that was, in general, a tolerable tragedy (though unthinkable suffering has taken place and is occurring right now).

Today, humanity is in a new situation. We must evolve or we will die off. We can see that empires and peoples have come and gone on this planet and now that our society is global, if we fail, Earth will become as an anthropological curiosity.

The reform necessary to free the poor and save our ecosystem is now actually required for this planet’s little crop of humanity to “make it”.


By advertising the simple logic and benevolence of the cause to the widest possible audience *on the ground* in the United States (real world physical ads, including posters and handouts), a great many people of various origins and languages will become aware of how this can be accomplished in their home countries EVEN MORE EASILY than it can here!

Competition from other, smaller nations will force larger nations like the US and “the first world” to adopt the shift to land value taxation also. This is how justice will prevail.

The powers that be, seeking to preserve the status quo, are preparing to institute global financial government and cement the revenue stream from workers to landlords. They will seek to limit nations’ ability to de-profit natural resource speculation. They will attempt to prevent land value taxation.

To prevent this and to counteract this, nations must enact land value taxation, but this will require the awareness of the masses. The leaders of the nations own the press and education systems, so the people will have to circulate the information amongst themselves.

TAX LAND NOT MAN intends to be a great facilitator of this social epiphany. The constant reminders about the effects of land value taxation (especially, the decentralization of land ownership), societies can maintain the political momentum necessary to overthrow landed interests and establish a fair and, therefore, peaceful system allowing everyone equal access to land.

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