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Host and Producer, The Party to Save the World Director, The Land Tax Ad Fund Leader, The Single Tax Band. Chicago-based advocate for the single tax. because it's the key to human evolution but establishment media is resistant to making people aware of it.

Authoritarians will promise you everything you could ever ask for in return for giving up your equal right to live on the planet Earth.

Statists promise free everything and libertarians let you charge for everything. But why can none of them let us have our own homes? #SingleTax X @TaxLandNotMan

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War, again will be the response of those who control “the news,” but don’t go along with it. They are just running from the single tax, from economic justice.

The #SingleTax, tax land only. That’s all anyone needs to hear in order to understand what we’re trying to do. It’s not complicated and it makes perfect sense to anyone who thinks about it. That’s why it’s never mentioned in … Continue reading

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“We should hold a contest to charter up to 10 new cities and award them to the best proposals for development.” – Donald Trump FREEDOM CITY PROPOSAL “Henry George City” A Truly Georgist (Single Tax) City By Adam Jon Monroe, Jr., Single Tax Advocate —————————— This proposal is to tax all residents, both individuals and businesses*, only for how much land (location) they … Continue reading

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Nature is extremely generous. We should all be rich! The only reason we are not is that some OWN nature and the rest of us have to PAY to live here. Obviously, this land speculation situation is also ravaging our … Continue reading

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